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The telecommunications industry is now a major pillar of every country. with the rapidity and passage of the increasingly modern times making telecommunication networks the top choice in business relationships. responding to the government’s call in empowering telecommunications towards fiber networks, KN ​​Bersatu Sdn Bhd continues to find ways to stay ahead. We provide the most innovative as well as cost -effective solutions. The strategy encompasses resources in next -generation technologies and alternative sourcing.

Among our products are:

  1. New installation of infra network
  2. Maintenance of communication, data and internet network equipment
  3. Network testing and commissioning
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Expert in fiber optical network.

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Electrical and mechanical engineering is a major requirement in a building to provide convenience to occupants. without good planning and maintenance in this field, it cannot realize the building perfectly. therefore, we at KN BERSATU SDN BHD provide services in this field such as:

  1. Engineering design
  2. Installation of mechanical equipment (ACMV)
  3. Electrical wiring
  4. Testing and commissioning of high and low voltage electrical installations
  5. Electrical supply registration services
  6. Equipment calibration & maintenance.

Civil & Structure Services

Since our inception, the Civil & Structural Engineering projects handled by Kn bersatu sdn bhd ranged from marine engineering, public buildings (hospitals, schools, government offices and facilities, commercial and private), feasibility study, detailed design engineering, construction, supervision, project management and design audit. We provide services in this field such as

  1. Retaining walls,
  2. Road of tunnels,
  3. Bridges,
  4. Industrial facilities or wastewater treatment plants.
  5. Supporting structures in reinforced concrete,
  6. Steel or timber.
  7. Land surveyor
  8. Road & tunnel

Civil engineers pointing at building plan and discussing details, view from above

Professional Engineering Consultation

We specialize in designing in electrical and mechanical engineering. with extensive experience in this service, we are confident of providing designs according to specifications set by relevant bodies such as the Malaysian Board of Engineers, energy commission and others bodies.

We also have professional engineers with a certificate of practice in experience more than 30 years in field to ensuring that the designs produced meet the standards.

Building Facility Management

Needs in the field of building services are now a need in ensuring the safety and health of a building. the rapid pace of development today makes building services a necessary field to ensure that the buildings can be well maintained as well and to ensure the energy efficiency of building can be maximise. Kn bersatu sdn bhd provide services in this field such as

  1. Building facility management
  2. Energy efficiency management
  3. Schedule waste manAgement
  4. Healthcare facility management
  5. Buliding Services and maintenance
  6. Pest & environmental control.

Chemical Engineering

Apart from basic engineering, chemical engineering also deals with the environment to ensure that the environment can be preserved. detergents are also part of chemical engineering. as a result of this belief in engineering, we have been proudly appointed to produce soaps for hospital laundry service vendors and ESEE brand laundry soaps as local products by entrepreneurs.

We also provide soap making services as follows:

  1. Laundry soap
  2. Dishwashing soap
  3. Hospital laundry soap
  4. Sanitizer and disinfectant
  5. Cleaning service tools

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